Christian Guardians


When raising our children we, very often, get caught up in the day to day activities of our everyday life. Whether it is grocery shopping, running the children to different sporting events, afterschool activities or just getting them from point A to point B, life can be pretty overwhelming!


Naming Christian Guardians for our children, in case the Lord were to unexpectedly call you Home, is not the first thing we think about each day. Our children are the greatest asset we have been given to take care of. We each have the opportunity to name who we would like to guide, support, comfort, encourage and mentor our children if we are not there to do that for them.


Many times parents will avoid making this decision because “Carol and Mike” are the best choice out of all of their siblings and spouses, but…they aren’t perfect. “Carol and Mike” understand your values, faith and how you want your children raised. They are probably a very good choice…in fact they might be a much better choice than who the state might choose if you were to die without a will or trust naming Christian guardians.


As your children grow and situations change, your choice for guardians may also change. You have the ability to name different guardians whenever you feel it is appropriate. Your attorney would assist you with this modification to your will or trust.