Christian Preamble

When you are preparing your last will and testimony, we encourage you to give special thought to the “testimony” part. This is your last opportunity to reach out to family and friends…your last chance to leave them with your thoughts and parting words.


We encourage you to take this opportunity to include a Preamble – a statement of your Christian faith – in your will. This simple act of faith can be such a comfort and powerful reassurance to your loved ones in their grieving. Martin Luther, Michelangelo, George Washington and countless other Christians have included a statement of faith in their wills. Over the last century, this practice all but disappeared as attorneys became more involved in the process. Over the last 30 years, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has encouraged church members to reinstitute the practice.

Your Message

A Christian Preamble to your will can be as simple as your favorite Bible passage, or may be a personal story or quote. Your message of unshakable faith will be heard at a time that is very emotionally charged. It may lead someone to accept Jesus into their lives, or may renew and re-energize the faith of a Believer. Gift Planning Services can help you create or choose your Christian Preamble, and we are available to work with your attorney in drafting your Christian will.