Another Stewardship Campaign

The Gift Planning Program is designed as a “one-on-one” stewardship campaign for the Church.


The Gift Planning Program is NOT designed as a “one-on-one” stewardship campaign for the Church. It is not a disguise for a stewardship campaign.

There is absolutely NO pressure to gift or plan to gift to the Church, its ministries or any other specific charity. Scripture teaches us that all giving that honors God must be done with a joyful heart. (2 Cor. 9:7)

At the General Informational meetings, no one will ask you how much money you make or how much money you have. No one will ask you if you pledge or don’t. No one will ask you to give more money to the Church. No one will pressure you to make a gift to the Church.

Individual Gift Planning occurs in private, confidential meetings with the Gift Planner. All financial information and plans are kept private and confidential. They will listen to what is important to you and will help you to try to achieve your goals. The Gift Planner only provides you with information and options; you make the decisions. They will not pressure you to give to the Church or any other charity as part of your gift plan.

As a person of faith, however, stewardship may be an important part of your financial, gift and estate planning. Our Gift Planning Program is a Christian planning service and, as such, embraces a Christian perspective and understanding of stewardship and supports the need of Christians to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us. Our Gift Planner will share information with you on ways that you can consider supporting the mission of the Church and the Foundation in your future plans.