Personal Gift Planning

Gift Planning Services, LLC welcomes you to view a color gift illustration. Please click on the desired button to view a color example that shows the income and tax benefits for you. You may view a unitrust, annuity trust, gift annuity, deferred gift annuity, sale and unitrust or gift and sale. We hope you enjoy these presentations!

Charitable Unitrust

Enjoy Increased Income with Tax-Free Sale plus Charitable Tax Deduction.

Charitable Annuity Trust

Receive High Fixed Payments with Tax-Free Sale plus Charitable Tax Deduction.

Gift Annuity

Benefit From Excellent Fixed Payouts that are Partly Tax-Free plus Charitable Tax Deduction.

Deferred Gift Annuity

Benefit From Fixed Payouts beginning at a date more than one year from the gift.

Sale and Unitrust

Receive Cash plus Increased Income from Trust! Charitable Tax Deduction Reduces Tax on Gain.

Part Gift and Part Sale

Enjoy Substantial Cash and Save 50%, 70% or even 100% of Tax on Gain.