Life is a Gift, Not a Guarantee

Mark and Sally brought their 5 week old daughter, Rachel to visit Rachel’s grandparents over Easter so everyone could see their new “Bundle of Joy”. On Sunday night after a great weekend with family, the couple left for the 250 mile trip home. About 45 minutes later there was a knock on the grandparents’ door. […]

Giving Stories: Family Feud! Or treasured heirloom?

One day I went to visit my mother, who suffered from dementia. As we began to chat, my mother asked if I would like the old rocking chair passed down from my Great Grandfather. I smiled, and said, “Of course!” She then asked me to put my name on a piece of masking tape and […]

Giving Stories: Karen’s Story

  Watch this video story about Karen, Tim, and Zach and this touching story about a powerful gift and what the true meaning of giving really can be.  

Giving Stories: Melvin & Phyllis

Ron Smith worked with a retired couple, Melvin and Phyllis, to plan their estate. At the time, Melvin had some health issues and they felt he would die first, so they planned their estate accordingly. But as happens life did not go as planned, and Phyllis passed away before him. Melvin called Ron as he […]

Giving Stories: Tim & Amy Jenson

Tim and Amy Jenson both were brought to faith at an early age through baptism. God nurtured their faith over the years. Tim recalls how the pastor who confirmed him told his class, “You can never out give God!” How true those words turned out to be for them.