Helping people maximize what the lord has given them to manage.


At Gift Planning Services, LLC, we work with many indivdual churches, offering our services free of charge to members of the congregation. Why? Because most people do not realize how many different charitable vehicles are available to help maximize their estates.


Currently, 91% of the assets in the United States are non-cash property. Most people give to their favorite charities from the remaining 9%. Our services allow you to leave a gift for your church or charities from the remaining estate.

Excellent Alternatives

Planned gifts such as bequests, trusts funded with annuities, securities, real estate and other personal property are excellent alternatives to cash gifts. They may provide tax benefits and other advantages to you and your heirs, while enabling you to support your favorite charities. For instance, a bequest makes it easy to provide deferred gifts-which would otherwise be lost to taxes. Bequests are revocable and can be changed at any time prior to death.


What does a planned giving program do?

  • It allows people to maximize their assets for family.
  • It allows church members to continue their support long after their demise.
  • It allows people to provide lasting support for the work they believe in.
  • It allows churches and charities to garner resources that otherwise would be lost to taxation.

Our Approach

We do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach to estate planning. Each program represents a very individualized process. We always work in your best interest. We want to ensure your goals for your family are met first and foremost. We begin by asking this question: “If we can show you how to leave more for your family, more for charity and pay less in taxes …would you be willing to go through the process and leave a planned gift to your favorite charity or church?”


If your answer is “YES” please call us at 715-838-0368 today!