Gift Planning Program

A planned giving program would allow donors to continue their support long after their death. Currently, 91% of the U.S. asset base is in non-cash property. Most people give to their favorite charity from the remaining 9%. When a charity shows supporters how they can leave a gift from their remaining estate at their death, often a planned gift is completed.

Gift Planning Process

  • Gift Planning Services, LLC will help Churches and Charities to harness resources that would have been unnecessarily lost to taxation
  • Average charitable bequest reported on 1997 Federal tax returns was $158,000.
  • 80% of individuals who contribute annually to charity do not have a will.
  • Estates valued in excess of $1,000,000 are most likely to leave a bequest.


After going through the Gift Planning Process, most people – with any size estate – will remember their favorite charity with a bequest or a funded gift.