Our Essence


Our Essence

Helping people maximize what the lord has given them to manage.

This statement is the very essence of what Gift Planning Services, LLC is about. We believe that life is meant to be abundant, and we are all guardians of God’s Gifts. We are here to enjoy these bountiful gifts, but also to act as stewards and protect and manage these resources so that we might pass them on for future generations to enjoy. Your assets represent the blood, sweat and tears of your lifetime.


You’ve built an estate, and whether it is modest or sizeable, it would be a shame to lose it to unnecessary taxation. Planning for Zero Estate Tax is one of our goals for you. The other is to help you realize your dream of providing for loved ones, ministry, and charities of choice.


Often we have loved ones that may not have the fiscal responsibility or prowess to properly manage our assets. Leaving a lump sum of money to someone who is unable to manage it can actually be devastating. You do not want to see your assets squandered, nor do you want to be the ruin of someone who is simply not skilled or trained in financial matters. In such a case, we can work with your attorney who will help you establish a Living Trust, which can provide an ongoing source of income for loved ones who may need your care and guidance even after you’re gone.


Proper gift planning allows you to maximize your assets, so you may provide for the care of loved ones and provide for your church to continue its ministries. You can also plan gifts for charities you are currently supporting, leave the legacy of a scholarship, and create a memorial that touches the lives of people.